Meet The Team
We aspire to reach new heights

Our team is made up of over 20 of the brightest and most dedicated buyers in the world. At JWB we ensure all core operations are always functional and running smoothly.

We aim to go above and beyond for our clients, aiming to provide them with a greater view of their financial landscape and buying expenses. Say hello to the people at JWB who make it happen....

Lance Aron

CEO at JWB , Lance coordinates business development.

First and foremost a family man with a passion for ethical purchasing and negotiating, Lance Aron inculcates this philosophy into his business to spend JWB client’s money as if it were his own.

As Chief Executive Office, Lance has worked as the leader at John Williams Buyers for a 13 year period. JWB, a business originally owned by the Williams Family and then in its 4th generation, handed over ownership to Aron in 2010.

Understanding exactly what is important to staff and the key to a productive working environment, Lance Aron has been an employee not only at JWB but working for and with other companies and owners for at least 30 years.

At JWB, Lance attempts to create a sense of belonging in the workplace and strives to make each employee feel like a member of the family.




Joel Aron

Operations Director at JWB, Joel manages all client accounts

Under the guidance of Lance, Joel Aron has quickly grasped what it takes to run a company, and more importantly, customer satisfaction. His charismatic and personable, and his youth and energy are a refreshing change for clients.

Joel has drive and determination and he understands the importance of forming sound, stable relationships with clients in order to maintain and build a company that will likely be his own in the future.


98 years of committed service
We are procurement outsourcing experts

Since 1917, John Williams Buyers have been the leaders in procurement outsourcing, aiding companies around the world in fascilating growth & expanding innovation.

We've helped our clients save over 25 million annually on commodities and services. We’ll do the same for you.


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